Four books produced with a variety of desktop media presented in an 8-1/2 x 8 in. archival cardboard case. Each is a small collection gleaned from the artist’s filing cabinet that reflects the collector and the act of collecting as much as the objects collected. Edition of 10. 1999

Autobiography #1:Things To Do. printed on recycled proofs presented in a stab binding created especially for this edition.

Autobiography #2: Rejection Slips. Ten years of rejection letters reproduced in miniature presented in a manilla file folder.

Autobiography #3: Pictures of Me with Famous and Important People. Photos of the artist taken by other people in the company of famous and important people. Printed ink jet and presented in a 16-page folded format.

Autobiography #4: Homemade Maps. Reproductions of maps people have drawn for the artist to get him from here to there presented in a 'snake' folded format.