Never Read (Opposed to Ever Green)

1988, 40 x 40 x 60 in.

NEVER READ is composed of books that were purchased at a library discard sale in the 1980s and installed in my smallish urban garden. The books were drilled with a hole saw and spindled on a pipe, starting with large mechanical engineering catalogues and ending with small volumes of poetry. The books were not treated with any preservative. I wanted to see how nature would read these texts. Over the years colonies of spiders set up shop, bugs burrowed in and sent book dust into the webs. Ivy grew up and created a mock-topiary, then died leaving the bones of its vine. Wind and the birds have robbed the upper books of their pages. I have found pieces incorporated in nests and pages laminated on brick pathways by the rain. It continues to be a collaboration with nature about process, change and impermanence.