The Gender Card Game

2014, 3.5 x 5.5 in., 64 cards.
Digital edition of 50

This deck of "gender cards" blurs that line between male and female with the distribution of words and images across the surfaces of 48 cards. Each of the cards is illustrated on one side with words describing feminine and masculine attributes. When arranged in a "proper" order, the verso of the cards form images of a male and female doll. However, the words are not strictly assigned to the image of their gender: some female attributes are printed on the verso of the male image, and vice versa. Conversly, when the terms are arranged by color and typeface, the images are not quite right.

The Gender Card Game was conceived for an exhibition entitled personalpronouns curated by ImageArt, the visual and literary arts component of ImageOut, the Rochester Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival.