Google Vanitas: Autobiography #7

2012, 7.5 x 8.25 in., 20 pp.
Digital edition

The word vanitas is Latin meaning “emptiness” and loosely translated corresponds to the meaninglessness of earthly life and the transient nature of vanity. Paintings executed in the vanitas style are meant as a reminder of the transience of life, the futility of pleasure, and the certainty of death.

Google Vanitas is part of my ongoing series of autobiographies drawn from collections of personal ephemera — my own personal paper trail. The internet is a new frontier for obsessive information gathering and infinitely easier to mine than metal cabinets filled with dusty files.  

Google Vanitas contains image search results for “scott mccarney” found on December 25, 2011. Each printed page represents a screen capture containing pictures that reference the artist up to the point where no direct references were found on a screen.